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How Many Squares


Get ready for HOW MANY SQUARES - the top FREE Square puzzle game from Ktpsoft!"How Many Squares" is a maths visual logic game which makes you to think differently, increase your logical ability and improve your lateral thinking. You have to count the number of squares in the displayed image and enter the answer to verify it. This is a fun based at the same time an addictive brain game having different levels. The difficulty increases as you move up the level from easy to very hard.
Increase your brain power and have fun doing it with this addictive puzzle game.
★ Different levels starting from very easy to very hard★ Resume the game from where you left off★ Simple interface
WARNING: Playing this game may challenge your brain and improve your brain power ☺
Note: This game is also supported for tablets and you can enjoy this addictive square puzzle tablet game in your lovely 7 and 10 inch tablets.